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  • Disabling Google Chrome feature 'Reading List'

    Nov 16, 2021,

    This post is not connected to OptDuty, but I’m so happy that I finally found a way to disable ‘Reading List’ in Google Chrome. I just need to share the recipe with everyone. Read more

  • PagerDuty Notifier

    Sep 13, 2021, pagerduty, service

    Announcement PagerDuty has excellent integration with automatic monitoring, but what if your support is better in catching bugs. Or better to say your clients are catching the critical bugs for you. Read more

  • Daily scheduling in PagerDuty with weekly alternating between different teams

    Jun 15, 2021, technical, pagerduty

    Recently I had a chat with two companies who asked for the same scheduling algorithm. The solution was so easy, so I decided to use it to showcase how easy do custom scheduling for companies without using any external products, only by using one open-sourced library to interact with PagerDuty API. Read more

  • Discrete optimization for on-call scheduling. Part 1

    Aug 29, 2020, technical

    The engineering team of RainforestQA (YC S12) is remote and distributed around the globe, with developers in America, Europe, and Asia. Our working hours cover almost all time-zones, about 22 hours from full time-zone coverage. Read more

  • Setup GoAccess + Nginx + logrotate with Ansible

    Jun 07, 2020, technical

    About setup This is purely technical blog optimized for copy paste. I’m going to describe how to set up GoAccess, Nginx and logrotate using Ansible for Ubuntu/Debian OS. GoAccess is awesome local replacement for Google Analytics. Read more